Get Zippy™

Consulting Mediator

We offer a personalized consulting program to support the recruiting process.

We look forward to meet with you, as client or candidate, to implement the best strategy and solution. We qualify our candidates based on their talents, work history and other research in order to prepare a professional presentation. We understand the environment and the culture  of our client's workplace and seek to match the candidate that complements that potential situation. 


We love working with people who are passionate about making a difference in the world. Whether that's through a physical project or a service, we can help! Our Ideal client will  find value in our candidate's talents and appreciate their efforts and commitment that will compliment and heighten the mission statement of their business.


Our ideal candidates are career seekers that have a passion and respect for their talents and take great pride in their work, whether its a new start or one who has a mature professional presence.